Suzy the Hamster

Because I couldn’t make this stuff up, here is a story that illustrates the ridiculousness that is my life. Two weeks ago, Summer the hamster unexpectedly met her demise.  She showed no signs of illness, we had only had her about 3 months.  She was up and playing on her wheel the evening before and dead the next morning.  I didn’t tell the kids that morning because I didn’t want to spoil their day at school.  I waited until they got home and I made another choice too.

I decided to replace Summer, to help soften the blow of her death.  Summer was not terribly friendly (in fact she drew blood every single time you touched her), so I didn’t expect the kids to be that heartbroken.  I was wrong.  However, I replaced Summer with a delightful little Robo dwarf hamster who was sweet.  We named her Suzy.

Suzy loves to be held.  Suzy is adorable and teeny tiny.  The children adore her, all the while pointing out that they loved Summer too.  Lest I forget about her or think they did.  So, imagine the horror when we walked in the house last night and the hamster cage was lying on the ground with no Suzy.

Sherbert was obviously the offending party here, but we see no evidence that darling Suzy didn’t survive the fall.  What we can’t seem to do though is find Suzy.  She is approx. 2 inches long and our home is approx 2800 square feet, spanning 3 levels.  We have put Sherbert up in one room, we set traps for Suzy (bucket traps), we made Mason spend the night in his crate, we googled many possibilities.  The reality is, Suzy may be gone, but I hope not.  My kids aren’t equipped to deal with the loss so soon after Summer.

So, please send some good vibes to Suzy.  Guide her back to her cage and we will figure out a way to Sherbert proof her cage so that she is safe and sound.  In the meantime, Suzy has the run of the house (hopefully) and I am very hopeful that we find her chilling in her cage when we get home.  Fingers crossed!!



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