Suzy, hurricanes and fall break

Well, Suzy is still missing and I would have said presumed dead, but I worked from home Friday and am almost positive that I heard her.  So, the hunt continues.  If not, I may have to burn the house down because we have a mouse and I am petrified of rodents (apparently not the type we keep in cages). I am kidding, in case there is any concern. Seriously, I found some snacks near where I thought I heard her, but we have yet to locate her.  I did however move the motion detector camera to that spot this morning, so if she is big enough to set it off, maybe we will have some luck.  Keep the positive Suzy thoughts coming.

We are not/were not in the path of Hurricane Matthew.  we were scheduled to head to Orlando Friday evening though.  I cancelled the trip on Wed, because evacuations were suggested, the hit seemed like it would be direct and it was the last day to get my refund on the hotel. Turns out, we could have gone, but better safe than sorry, right.  So, we skipped Disney for our abbreviated fall break this year.  The kids were heartbroken, but mostly concerned about our Florida friends.  Thankfully they all survived the storm with minimal impact.  I wish the same could be said up and down the east coast.  Sending best wished to any impacted.

We decided to have fun at home and we hit Six Flags for Fright Fest instead.  I didn’t think Mickey would like it, but he did.  He thought the music was SUPER annoying.  He thought the walking zombies did pretty good makeup, but all in all, my little scaredy cat hung in there like a champ. We had less success with the insane crowds.  Lines were 90+ minutes and the key difference between Disney and Six Flags (ok, there are sooooo many differences it isn’t funny and we are theme park snobs) is that the fast pass/flash pass system is $$$ at Six Flags.  Disney we can always get the top rides because of fast pass.  We also have the disability pass option at Disney, which we have only used once when Mickey was having a particularly out of sorts day.  Six Flags offers a version of the disability pass, but it requires a Dr.’s note and I am not willing to go to the Dr. just to get a note.  We only go every 3 months now, so we haven’t been since we first attempted six flags.  Mickey can’t wait the 90+ minutes every line had.  The six flags queues are particularly difficult because of the setup – they make me feel claustrophobic standing in row after row of people, sandwiched within inches.  Mickey lost his mind every time we tried. So, not terribly successful on Saturday.  I may have to look into their disability program more so that he can enjoy the day.

We were at the park for 9 hours on Saturday and we rode maybe 4 rides (and two were not even big rides).  We did go again yesterday though for the holiday and we rode EVERY ride in the park during the six hours they were open.  Amazing.  We had a blast. I mean, we rode Batman 3 times in a row and walked right on/waited for one or two loads tops. The longest line was for Monster Plantation and it was 15 minutes – and it is a cute little boat ride, not a thrill ride.  For what it is worth, Mickey got in line with us for that one and lost his cool 5 minutes in.  He  went shopping so that Minnie could ride it.  That is what I mean about the queue lines – it isn’t even the duration, it is the anxiety and inability to deal with the crowds that sends him over the edge.  Disney winds their lines for most of rides through interesting stuff with lots of stuff to look at.  You are very rarely trapped with 5 rows of people on both sides of you.  This is an empty example of what I am talking about at Six Flags – this is for one ride (and I borrowed this image, credit is in the bottom right corner – none were this empty during either trip) – imagine it full of people, then imagine someone with severe anxiey trying to stand among those people with no personal space.

Image result for six flag queue lines over ga

It wasn’t Disney, but it was fun. Now that Minnie has hit the magical 54″ mark, she can ride everything and my little daredevil has no fear. She stood up to the creepy dudes walking around Saturday night and laughed when one stared her down. Here are some pics of our weekend.  Next Disney trip is planned for Thanksgiving week, but we may try to hit Six Flags once or more between now and then.


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