Today my heart is happy. Mickey had a bit of a rough Nutcracker rehearsal – he said he was stressed – but he kept it under control and finished anyway. We had a nice lunch while Minnie was with a friend and then we got to enjoy this beuatiful fall day. Mickey is playing basketball with an actual peer. He generally plays with the neighborhood kids that are much older or younger. But, for the last hour he and the 11 year old NT kid next door have been shooting hoops in the driveway. After the rough week he has had at school with nobody to talk to, this warms my heart and gives me hope that maybe, just maybe he can find friends in a world where he isn’t always understood. Where his immaturity doesn’t cause his peers to laugh at him. Now, the boys next door are pretty awesome and have always been kind, but generally he has Minnie to buffer and Mickey plays for a few minutes and then moves on to something that appeals to him more. They just decided to take a bike ride together and it is nice to see him included and excited about playing with friends. Today I choose to be grateful. 


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