The girlfriend

Mickey’s longtime “girlfriend” is apparently angry with him. She hasn’t spoken to him since last week. He doesn’t seem to know why and he doesn’t understand. He and “D” agreed that they loved each other way back in 3rd grade and they were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend. That was nearly two years ago.
I suspect this is contributing to the increased behaviors at school (nothing significant, just his teacher reporting crankiness and increased frustration).
How do I explain this to an 11 year old, who has the maturity of your average 6 year old? He thinks she is smart, beautiful and elegant. He is utterly crazy about her and the sudden cold shoulder has him beside himself. Their relationship has always been quirky and a little odd, when compared to nuerotypical kids, but it has worked well for them. Obviously this was not going to be a lifelong relationship – they are 11 after all – but, she is literally the only person in his class that speaks to him. The other kids don’t talk to or play with other kids. Period. She is the closest to the same level of functioning his class offers and since second grade they have been thick as thieves.
In a way this is a blessing because both Mickey and “D” are leaving their school. She has already started and he is scheduled to after Christmas break. But, his little heart is shattered and I can’t fix it. How do I explain this to him when nobody including his teacher has any idea why she suddenly is shutting him out? He keeps trying to find out why and then he gets angry, but he can’t just let it go. It is all he has talked about this week. Lots of tears and “but why doesn’t she love me?”. I had hoped this would just fizzle when they both moved on and we wouldn’t have this happen, but this is yet another bump in the road for Mickey. It won’t be his last heartbreak, but I wasn’t prepared for how tough it would be for him.

He came home from school and threw himself down on the porch in tears 😦


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