Just life

Nothing exciting to report this week….just life in general.  Mickey is mad at his teacher for coming between he and his girlfriend.  Tomorrow is her last day at school with Mickey, and he is hoping beyond hope that she will at least give him the opportunity to say goodbye.  So, a little hormones and heartbreak.

I had to fight the school a little this week on the assistive technology and how it is being implemented for Mickey. They will now be using it for all assignments, so hopefully we can put a pin in that particular issue and end the near daily complaints from his teacher and battles with Mickey over handwriting.

We are gearing up for both Disney tomorrow and Nutcracker after the holidays.  We had our photo shoot for Nutcracker ads two weeks ago.  The kids are both insanely excited about both.  We haven’t been to Disney since May, which is a lifetime, according to Mickey and Minnie.  Nutcracker will end 4 months of rehearsals every weekend (Mickey), monthly 3 hours rehearsals (Minnie) and weekly weekday rehearsals for Minnie as well.  Here she is in her Party Scene dress and him in his Squire Costume.  This was my cell, not the professional shots, just an fyi.



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