The kids are sound asleep. 12+ hours in the parks today (Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios) + 9 hours yesterday (Epcot/Hollywood Studios/Epcot) = a very quiet evening. 

Mickey has done well. If anyone has suggestions for his seriously annoying case of the “I wants”, I am all ears. I know Disney brings this out in kids, what with most every ride emptying through a gift shop, but his is extreme. I spend half the day saying “no, Mickey. we have already spent your max budget for the day. We aren’t buying anything else.” From that, he seems to get the idea that he can negotiate his way into something else. Things like “mom, if I am good in this line…or what if I don’t ask for anything for the next 30 minutes, etc. This is either one of the more annoying side effects of his particular flavor of Autism, or it is his O.D.D. Either way, it is my least favorite part of every trip and was in particularly high gear today. But, otherwise it was a good day. 

Yesterday the crowds were oddly low for the holiday week. Today that wasn’t the case, but we had a blast. Just a sampling of things we accomplished:

Test track (twice), the updated Soarin ride, the new Frozen ride, Mission to Mars (3 times), Spaceship Earth, Figment, Rockin Roller Coaster (twice), Tower of Terror, Toy Story (twice), Star Tours, 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, meet and greets with Anna, Elsa, Stitch, Jasmine and Prince Ali, Lady Tremaine and the stepsister. Plus we got some pics to use for our Christmas pics. Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom and dinner with the beloved Mrs. B., who taught both of my children in kindergarten. She is probably the person who was most helpful to us the first year I had the kids (when Mickey was in kindergarten). 

Now, if we can just keep Mickey in a good place to enjoy the next day and a half, we will be golden. Generally Disney is his happy place, but as the crowds pick up, he has a harder time maintaining control…even though he really wants to. I am prepared with extra oils and good fast passes, but it is still tough for him. heck, I have pretty significant social anxiety and I hate crowds, so I am on edge too (I promise we are having fun, but it doesn’t mean it is easy, just that it is worth it). 

Good night from our happy place (or at least their happy place, which makes it mine). 


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