School, home, fractures and Nutcracker

School has improved dramatically over the last week.  The assistive technology is cutting Mickey’s frustration level down and with his girlfriend gone, that drama has subsided.  It is a good thing.  I wish the same could be said at home.

His O.D.D. is in full swing at the house.  We are in a full on battle of the wills and it is costing him.  We still have no Christmas tree up, our Elf is on strike, notes, cajoling, nagging and grounding have all failed miserably.  Unfortunately, this is impacting all of us.  The children were given two sets of reasonable chores to be done the day after we arrived home from Disney.  Both chores were really cleaning up a rather significant mess that they made. The mess is in the spot we normally put the Christmas tree.  Minnie did do some of it, but is standing firm on Mickey finishing it.  Mickey is refusing.  Today was the last chance we will have for two weeks to decorate for Christmas, as next weekend is a wash with Nutcracker performances. For the record, if they worked together, they could finish these two chores in about 1.5 hours.

Mickey told me that he has earned Christmas and deserves to get whatever he wants.  He screamed at me repeatedly today because I wouldn’t take him out to dinner.  He was nasty and vile, because he isn’t getting his way.  Today was not fun.  Yesterday was 7 hours of Nutcracker and an appointment with the therapist, and Mickey crashed as soon as we got home.  This battle has been going on for a week.  He even drug the two Christmas trees out of storage in an effort to prove that I don’t get a say.

I am not giving in on this.  I will not bother with a tree for a week, so unless something drastic happens in the next two days, Christmas is not happening – because Santa doesn’t bring gifts without a tree and Mom doesn’t buy gifts for disrespectful children.  Minnie is in trouble too, after I discovered how she has been taking care of her stuff (or not, as the case may be).  I am very frustrated with both of my children.  They need a wake up call, and I wish it would come soon because I love Christmas.  I live to provide awesome gifts for my kids and love the magic of the stupid elf on the shelf and going to visit Santa.  Both Minnie and Mickey are avid believers and I enjoy keeping that alive.

So, I am scrooge.  But, Nutcracker dress rehearsal went well yesterday with one notable exception.  Minnie may have fractured her arm during a cartwheel during the candy cane dance yesterday. We went to urgent care today and their x-ray was down, so they asked us to hold for 24-48 hours and see how it goes, while they splinted it.  If it is fractured it is likely a hairline buckle fracture, so the treatment is the same.  Her first question was “will I be able to perform next weekend, and do I have to wear this splint onstage because it will not look good with my costume!” Three performances next weekend. The Dr. said she could dance, though she may not be able to cartwheel, though she is working on her one handed one, so maybe there is a workaround.  The splint may have to stay, but we are going to monitor it and have it x-rayed on Tuesday if it isn’t feeling significantly better. Both kids danced well and even though it was a long day, it was a success (Mickey was starting to lose his cool, because he really only had 3 hours of rehearsal, but Minnie had to be there for the whole day – as a company dancer).  But, he kept it together and we finished off the day.