17 days

Sorry for the silence – 17 days of 24/7 togetherness did me in.  I hope you all had the happiest of holiday seasons.  It was a long 17 days.  Lots of fighting (the kids), lots of nagging (me), lots of fun (all) and lots of frustration (all) and a little bit of sadness.

Christmas went well.  Mickey got a new hybrid record player/CD writer/tape player/radio in a retro design.  He has recently started collecting vinyl, so this was the BEST GIFT EVER!, per Mickey.  That was from my parents and Uncle bought him some vinyl and I got him some Cds.  Minnie got her top 3 items and she was thrilled.  We opened Santa gifts and then went to my parent’s house and spent the day there.  My brother was in good spirits and feeling well – well enough to laugh at the stuffed kidney I got him for Christmas.

We went to Six Flags and got some coaster time in.  We looked at a billion or so Christmas lights – one of our favorite family activities.  Minnie had two rehearsals for dance team, but otherwise we were blissfully dance class free. Everything was good until New Years eve/morning.  As is our tradition, we went out for Mexican food, said goodbye to our favorite light display, the kids went to bed and I woke them for our midnight toast of sparkling grape juice and noise makers.  That was fine.  It was 2 hours later when I noticed the cat was playing with something….

Sherbert is a sweet cat, in general.  She is also not a fan of our hamsters, but has never acknowledged the gecko or the fish.  That changed on New Years.  After 8 months of Spots the gecko living with us, she found her cage, got the lid open and fetched Spots from the cage.  It didn’t end well for Spots.  So, when the children woke up New Year’s day, I had to tell them that their beloved Gecko was gone.  We loved her – I was extremely resistant to getting her – she was rescued from being released outside from a family that had her half dead in their basement. They told Minnie their plan and an hour later we had a gecko.  I ended up finding her to be a delightful pet.  One that hung out on our shoulder, loved attention and was low maintenance.  We had a cover on the aquarium and Sherbert had never even noticed her cage before (unlike the hamster cage, which she stalks daily and has had to be tied to a wall to protect the poor little thing).  I feel like we failed her greatly, but I held her when she died and then I held my children as we buried her and had a funeral.  It was a sad start to 2017.  RIP Spots – you were a good pet.



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