Psychiatrist and random

Mickey had his follow up with the psychiatrist on his new medication yesterday. I was torn as to what to tell her. 1 month in, and things are going swimmingly at school.  Overall he is a little sleepier, but he has finished his work every single day at school.  We have two incidents at school – one semi major and one minor.  Home has not been nearly as smooth – because he cranky. So, I did as I usually do, I asked Mickey for his thoughts….”well, I am sleepy, but I am back on track to move to my new school and I am doing great, so I don’t want to ask to reduce the dosage right now.” So, that is what we did.  Yes, I let my 11 year old have a say in his meds – because if he hates them it is a battle every single day.  I don’t want him to feel drugged, I want him to be able to function. Period.

This week, Mickey was invited to dance with the Jr. Company at his studio next year.  To be clear, I should make a note that he was not invited to join Jr. Company – just dance with them.  His technique is not where it needs to be to really join Jr. Company (Minnie joined this year).  Also, there is NO way he could do the required summer ballet intensive (7 hours a day of very intensive work).  He knows this, I know this, our amazing studio knows this. We all know ballet isn’t his passion, but he loves to dance Nutcracker and does enjoy his ballet classes.  He has improved so much in the 2 years since he started, but he is still several years behind technique wise.  So, the director of our studio – who also knows both my children well and has taught Mickey’s last two ballet classes – wants him to keep loving dance.  She decided the way to let him move forward with Nutcracker without doing the same roles again was to move him to the rehearsal part of Jr. Company for next year (but not the technique).  That allows him to at least do party scene and something in the second act.  Mickey is beside himself excited and says he wants to work toward being able to be invited to join them the following year. Minnie is a little less excited about sharing her favorite two hours of dance a week with him – even for one hour, but she agreed to help him work on his technique so that maybe he gets invited next year.  Of course, she will likely be moving up to Apprentice Company then.

We also had our dance team dress rehearsal this past weekend.  First competition is out of state in 2 weeks.  Dress went well.  Mickey loved that her dance is to Dolly Parton. We are so very excited.