Middle school prep

So, this is the point in my blog where I usually come back to say that Mickey is struggling since hearing of his transition plan. Four times we have gotten close to transitioning and four times he has lost his everloving mind very soon after. Even when he says it is what he wants. So, how has Mickey taken this bit of news?

Well, he his excitement hasn’t slowed at all. In fact, it has been his best week+ in months. He went to his teacher and asked for extra work to bring his grades up. He brought two Fs up to Bs. He and his teacher have attempted to work out their differences. He has earned more computer time than ever. He has told everybody in the neighborhood and at dance about his move. 

This is awesome. The only people he hasn’t discussed it with is anyone at school. After his teacher admitting that he was pushing Mike so that he could succeed in his new placement, we chose to not bring it up. He may know from the office (they know because they scheduled his IEP meeting), but I don’t want his teacher “pushing” him. His version of pushing looks a lot like antagonizing Mickey until he melts down, rather than helping him use coping skills. Their relationship is far too precarious to add that to the mix. We don’t have our meeting until 4/26 and Mickey would rather not discuss it with him until then. That has my full support. So, a nice positive update for a change. Fingers crossed it can stay that way. Yes, Mickey is a little nervous and I expect that will ramp up a bit, but until then we are going to ride the wave of excitement and motivation I am seeing. 


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