Disney day 1

I really had thought today was going to be a nightmare. Mickey got zero sleep on the drive down (unusual because both kids are good car sleepers). We didn’t reach Orlando until midnight – 4 hours after bedtime. Mickey set a challenge to do 25 attractions at Magic Kingdom in one day. We have been working on a plan for weeks. That was going to be a big challenge with spring break crowds being what they are. 

I was up at 6am, I woke the kids at 7 and we left the hotel at 7:20. We had to renew our annual pass at guest services before we could get into the park, but we made it to rope drop with 20 minutes to spare. Our plan was to rope drop Peter Pan while everyone else headed to 7 dwarfs mine train. The plan stalled when Peter Pan wasn’t yet up and running. This would become a theme for the day, unfortunately. 

After a brief delay, we were able to ride it and jump across to Its a small world, then do the Carousel, Whinnie the Pooh, watch the Blue Angels fly over the Cinderella castle. All before 10 am. Pretty productive. We ran to the other side of the park to do our Splash Mountain fast pass – only to discover it was down. They gave us a generic pass, which we went next door and used. We stopped at Haunted Mansion on the way back to Tomorrowland for Space Mountain. 

I won’t bore you with all the details, but we did our first 3 fast passes, and were able to score 5 more. We did use Mickey’s disability pass twice. Our fourth fast pass was down when we got there as well, so we shifted plans again. We went to Splash Mountain and grabbed a DAS pass and waited the 2 hour wait while riding a riverboat, watching a show and getting a snack. When it was time, we boarded the ride – glad it had come back up. We should have reserved our excitement. 

We got to the top of the “mountain” just at the beginning of the ride and we stopped. And we waited. And waited. And waited. 30 minutes passed and we saw a cast member coming up the stairs. They began to evacuate the 6 or so boats and freed us. Then we got to climb down the stairs, walking along the wall to the back entrance. A little magic was lost, but all in all we got free waters, another fast pass and a little adventure. Then we headed to our next fast pass – Pirates of the Caribbean. It went down while we were in line. 

We had to adjust our plans a lot today. Minnie was tired. And the point of this post was not to detail out our day. It was to point out that Mickey never lost his cool once. Not the changes, not the broken rides, not the adjusting our 25 rides to 25 attractions (because in total there were 3 rides we couldn’t do). 13 hours after we arrived at the park, he debated giving up, but we were within 4 attractions and he decided to push through. This was an exhausting but awesome day for him. He also started the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game, which he obsessed on all day, but still a great day. 14.25 hours to get it all done. 

Animal Kingdom tomorrow and a shorter day followed with some pool time. Now, fingers crossed Mickey sleeps in tomorrow. Good night from the Happiest Place on Earth (or the most exhausting lol). 


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